TypeScript Hero

TypeScript Hero is a vscode extension that makes your life easier. When you are coding a lot of TypeScript you may want vscode to automatically include your imports.

If you search for this feature: here’s the solution (and many more). Typescript hero will be extended in the future and there are many features in the pipeline that will enhance the way you work with typescript.

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Features at a glance

Here is a brief list, of what TypeScript Hero is capable of (more at the end):


All commands are preceeded by typescriptHero.

Command Extension part Description
resolve.addImport import resolver Shows a pick list with all recognized, importable symbols
resolve.addImportUnderCursor import resolver Imports the symbol under the cursor
resolve.addMissingImports import resolver Imports all missing symbols for the actual document
resolve.organizeImports import resolver Removes unused imports and orders all imports
resolve.rebuildCache import resolver Rebuilds the whole symbol cache (or index)


The following commands are bound by default when the extension is installed.

Command Keybinding
resolve.addImport ctrl+shift+i
resolve.addImportUnderCursor ctrl+alt+i
resolve.addMissingImports ctrl+alt+shift+i
resolve.organizeImports ctrl+alt+o


In the following tables, all possible settings are explained. If you find any settings that are not listed here, that means they are “beta” or “not implemented yet”.

All settings are preceeded by typescriptHero.


These settings do not have a prefix.

Setting Description
verbosity The log level that the extension writes its messages to the output channel

Import resolver

The following settings do have the prefix resolver. So an example setting could be typescriptHero.resolver.stringQuoteStyle.

Setting Description
stringQuoteStyle The string delimiter to use for the imports (' or ")
ignorePatterns If any of these strings is part of a file path, the file is ignored
insertSpaceBeforeAndAfterImportBraces If the extension should place spaces into import braces ({Symbol} vs { Symbol })
insertSemicolons If the extension should add a semicolon to the end of a statement
multiLineWrapThreshold The threshold, when imports are converted into multiline imports
multiLineTrailingComma When multiline imports are created, true inserts a trailing comma to the last line
disableImportSorting Disable sorting during organize imports action
importGroups The groups that are used for sorting the imports (description below)
ignoreImportsForOrganize Imports that are never removed during organize import (e.g. react)
resolverMode Which files should be considered to index for TypeScript Hero

Code outline view

The following settings do have the prefix codeOutline. So an example setting could be typescriptHero.codeOutline.enabled.

Setting Description
enabled Defines if the view should actually parse the opened documents

Features (extended)

Import management

TypeScript Hero can manage your imports. It is capable of:

Import groups

The import groups setting allows you to order all your imports as you may want. The settings is an array of elements. An element can either be a string (with a certain keyword or a regex like string) or an object that contains an identifier (with a certain keyword or a regex like string) and a sort order. The order you enter those objects / string does matter since it is used to define the import groups.

An example (complex) could be:

        "identifier": "/Foo[1-9]Bar/",
        "order": "desc"
        "identifier": "Remaining",
        "order": "desc"
Keyword imports

(hint: The Remaining group is added implicitly as the last import group if not added specifically)

The default is as follows:


For everybody that just wants all imports ordered in asc or desc, just overwrite the default with:

For all imports sorted asc:


For all imports sorted desc:

        "identifier": "Remaining",
        "order": "desc"
Regex imports

The regex import group contains a regex string. Let’s say you want to group all your @angular namespaced imports together in one group you’d use /@angular/ as “identifier” (either in the object when you want to change the order or just the plain regex since default order is asc).

(hint: only the name of the library is matched against the regex)


The setting above would create two groups: one with all @angular imports another with all other imports.

import {http} from '@angular/http';
import {component} from '@angular/core';

import 'reflect-metadata';
import {Server} from './server';


Intellisense is a common IDE feature. TypeScript Hero provides you with symbols as you type your code and does add the import to the top of the file, if you don’t have already imported the symbol.

Code fixing

The “light-bulb” feature of VSCode can provide some code-fix actions to take when you make mistakes. TypeScript Hero offers the following fix actions:

Code outline view

This view is below your file explorer. It displays a code outline of your actually opened typescript or typescript-react file. If you switch your actual editor, the new file is parsed and shown. When you expand classes and imports, you’ll see what’s in them. If you click on an element, the editor will jump to the location of the element.

By now, only typescript / typescript-react is supported. Maybe this will wander in it’s own extension to support more languages than those two.

ES6 / JavaScript support

As of now, this is kind of an experimental stage. TypeScript Hero can be set into an ES6 or Both mode, instead of only TypeScript. With one of either modes, it will scan for javascript files in the workspace.

Right now, only files in the workspace are considered “worth”, because of the immense amount of javascript files in the node_modules. So if you set TSH to ES6 it will scan all typescript declarations in the node_modules, and your javascript files in the workspace. If you set it to Both, it will scan all typescript files and the javascript files in the workspace (as well as the declarations).

Known Issues

Please visit the issue list :-)