Contributing to KubeOps

First of all, thank you for considering contributing to KubeOps. This is an open souce project and shall be driven by the community.

This document describes how contributions may be done and what is required to develop on KubeOps.

Creating/Reporting Issues

Feel free to open an issue in the issues section. There are three issue templates:

Please search through the already created issues to find similarities.

Creating Pull Requests

To directly contribute to the solution, create a fork of the repository and implement your addition. Please keep in mind that reviewing takes some time and is not done instantly.

Please adhere to the linting rules and the general code style in the repository. Also, add tests for your changes to ensure that the system works well when other changes happen.

The PR can have any name, but it would be nice if you adhere to the repositories standard naming. Please name your PR with Convential Commits.

NOTE for breaking changes: please state breaking changes in the PR description. The review process will be faster when breaking changes are well documented.

A few examples:

The PR will be squashed and merged into the default branch.

Local Development

To setup a local development environment, you'll need to perform the follwing steps: